More than a corporation, the 3 Saints Manufacturing Corporation is a family that cares for each of its partners, customers and employees. We are a team of dedicated professionals that exude competence, compassion and character. This is apparent in the quality of the products and outputs that are of the highest caliber each time. This is thanks to the ingenuity and adaptability of each one and the resilience that the firm has weathered in the decades since its foundation.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to attract and maintain talented individuals to source high quality materials in producing items that benefits the community.

Our Vision.

To provide quality garments at a cost effective price point. We value their trust and confidence in our company and our products and services.

Why choose Us.

Our passion and dedication to the work we do is what we value. This is reflected in the quality of our products as well as our relationship with each of our clients. Each project is of great importance and each client is a treasure to us.

Partners and Clients
Garments Made

Our 3 Saints Family Through The Years

Throughout the years, 3 Saints Apparel blossomed from what was once a simple idea to what it is today. With much hard work, perseverance and support from family, husband-wife duo Mr. Leo and Mrs. Josefina Galura gave life to 3 Saints Apparel. A family business built on quality, innovation and teamwork that is committed to helping the community by supplying quality apparel. Anchored by these values, Mr. Galura continues to build on the company to be the best it could be. At 3 Saints Apparel, our goal is to achieve only the best for our customers providing them with excellent service and quality garments.

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Our Imact

Being in the garments manufacturing industry does not only allow us to provide a basic human need. It provides us with the opportunity to be of service to everyone we are in touch with. A proudly Filipino Corporation, utilizing all natural, Filipino Sourced materials, The 3 Saints Manufacturing Corporation provides countless jobs for our fellow Filipinos. With the many years of service to our fellow Filipinos, we value lasting relationships with our clients as well as allowing our people to grow with us. With every stitch, every fabric, every project, we continue to contribute to the fabric of society and make our mark in making a difference for our clients, for our people and for our country.

Growing With Our Partners

We wouldn't have survived and weathered the different storms of running a business if not for the support of our partners. Trust and confidence of our partners in us is the cornerstone of which our business was built and continues to grow. From our humble beginnings, we only dreamed of a simple operation to service a few clients. We never imagined that from humble beginnings, our company would grow leaps and bounds through the years. and it was only made possible with the help of our partners.

3 Saints Apparel Manufacturing Inc.