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Makers of quality garments. We strive to achieve the best quality products giving service and satisfaction to every customer.

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Decades of experience coupled with passion yields our products and creations as second to none. 3 Saints Apparel Manufacturing Inc. gets the job done every time as seen in the countless happy and satisfied customers. Our client base has grown through the years, with us treasuring the trust and confidence they have in our products. 3 Saints will never sacrifice quality for profit and are 100% Filipino made.


We support local. All our fabrics and materials are locally sourced from different parts of the Philippines. We showcase the quality and reliability of Filipino-made and partner up with local businesses. We support our country's economic growth by providing jobs, creating proudly Filipino-made products and observing environment-friendly practices in our manufacturing processes.

Long Lasting

3 Saints Manufacturing Inc. is here to stay. Established in 1986, our company has weathered storms and challenges and yet always come out stronger each time. Our values are reflective of our products and services to and for our clients, partners, and collaborations.

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